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Available Turtles List

    If you are interested in adopting a turtle listed below, contact the owner directly. Give the owner your name, the city where you live, and confirm that you can pick up the turtle. Do not expect the owner to arrange shipment or to deliver it. Also provide any additional information you think will be helpful. Expect the owner to ask you a few questions.

No. 0028  Listed 12/14/04. 7" red-eared slider. Mooresville, NC. Contact Cristin at redeemed7x7@lycos.com.
No's 0029, 0030, 0031 Listed 12/15/04. Two adult male and one adult female red-eared sliders. Allentown, PA. Contact Amy at amycruz03@msn.com or 610-770-1959.

    If you are asked for payment, let us know and we will remove the listing. We are not opposed to people selling their turtles, but they can do it elsewhere. This is a free service to place pet turtles in new homes.

Putting Your Turtle Up for Adoption

    If you have turtles or tortoises you wish to put up for adoption, send us an email. We will add the turtles to the list above. Interested parties will contact you directly. You then email us when the adoptions have taken place so we can remove your listing to stop you from getting more inquiries.

    We will need the following information: Your city and state (USA only), your email address and/or telephone number, the turtles available for adoption, and your first name. We will not post pictures.

    When contacted by an interested party, you have every right to ask the potential new owner anything you wish. You are under no obligation to turn your turtles over to someone you are not sure of. You will probably have other interested parties you are speaking with, so simply state that you will get back to them. But please know that no one likes being questioned so be diplomatic and friendly.

    We think that finding a good home for your pet turtle is more important than making a few dollars on it so we do not want you to list turtles for which you want payment. That's right! We will help you give away your turtles.

Email us at  Turtle Adoptions.

Why the "Turtle Adoptions Page"

    We have often advised viewers via email to consider adopting unwanted pet turtles. We are very pleased with the turtles we adopted and we have wild caught turtles that were obviously released pets. We have also advised viewers to consider personality more than looks. We have adopted some very poor looking turtles who have the nicest personalities. We believe that turtles already adapted to captivity adapt to new homes more readily and are more able to form strong bonds with their new owners.

    We think purchasing turtles and catching wild turtles is okay too. We believe that younger turtles adapt more easily especially babies. On the other hand many adult male turtles could land on the moon and not care if females are present. But some wild caught turtles never adapt to captivity well or take a long time to adapt.

    It is also our experience that new turtles may not be excepted by other turtles. This is usually a problem within species especially among competing males. Some males have such a strong drive to mate that they can not be kept with females in the small confines typical of pet habitats. Wood turtles and spotted turtles are well known for this problem. Male box turtles can be just as hard on other male box turtles. Unfortunately sometimes we need to find a new home for a new turtle.

    On occasion we take in unwanted turtles who need cared for while new owners are sought. This occurs more often at the end of the summer season. Some friends bring us turtles in the fall knowing that we can accommodate them for the winter. We usually have no problem finding new owners in the spring. However, we do not run a rescue and adoption program.

    And it is fair to say that if you are reading this page, you may have visited other web sites that make available turtles for adoption. We have! Some of the questions they ask make us wander if they really want to part with the turtles. Some even ask for a reference from your veterinarian. They seek to pass judgment on one's ability to love and care for turtles based on answering a questionnaire but make exceptions for red-eared sliders. Donations are usually expected. While tempted, we have never "registered" with any of them.

    Still we are drawn to the subject of acquiring turtles. Many viewers are looking for turtles especially babies. So we have decided to try an experiment to help place turtles in new homes.  By helping you we will also be helping your turtles.

    Just so you know, TurtleTails.com is not a non-profit entity. The web site is a privately owned hobby site. We also have a business by the same name registered to do business in Pennsylvania. We do not sell turtles or any other animals.

Successful Adoptions

0001    midland painted turtle, juvenile    Adopted
0002 & 0003    red-eared sliders, 2 years old    Adopted
0004    reeves turtle, adult    Adopted
0005    eastern box turtle    Unknown
0006 thru 0012    eastern painted turtles, newly hatched babies    Adopted
0013    red-eared slider, adult    Withdrawn
0014 thru 0016    eastern painted turtles, newly hatched babies    Adopted
0017 & 0018    red-eared sliders, 2 years old    Adopted
0019 thru 0023    eastern box turtles, 1 years old    Adopted
0024    red-eared slider, 4 years old    Adopted
0025 thru 0027    red-eared sliders, 3 babies    Adopted

Started May 21, 2004
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